Legi En Esperanto

The Officers

The Secretary
TimTim Owen

Tim is the Secretary of NoJEF. He first came across Esperanto at around the age of eight, leafing through a children's encyclopedia that he'd inherited from his grandfather, one of the articles of which was "What language did Ludwig Zamenhof invent?" He read it, decided he'd like to invent a language and then gave up when he couldn't think of a word to give to 'table'. He didn't hear of Esperanto again for over a decade until reading a joke letter about the language in Viz comic.

Within a few years the then twenty-three-year-old Tim was living in Toulouse, France, newly (and unsurprisingly) single and without work because the language school where he taught was closed for the summer. With nothing else to do and rather optimistically fancying himself a language specialist (he wasn't) he attended a festival to mark the European Day of Languages in Toulouse's Capitole, working his way around the stalls and finishing at the Esperanto stand. He took a few leaflets and enjoyed his first steps into Esperanto, though his enthusiasm had waned by the time, a month later, his answers to lesson one of a postal course had been posted back to him.

Returning to England a few months later and with no work in sight he finally got around to learning Esperanto, not least because the combination of internet and a diligent teacher in San Diego meant that corrections were waiting in his inbox every morning. He was introduced to NoJEF, benefitting from its generosity to enjoy himself in Sweden, Hungary and Germany, making friends along the way and even finding a charming Esperanto-speaking woman who not only can somehow put up with him but also rather charitably agreed to marry him.