Legi En Esperanto

The Trustees

The people legally responsible for the running of NoJEF are its Trustees.


MalcolmMalcolm Jones

Malcolm started to learn Esperanto seriously in 1984, when he was already too old to make use of normal NoJEF grants. However, as a teacher he successfully applied for support for a ‘research trip’: with this he attended his first World Esperanto Congress in Augsburg, Germany, 1985, and got to know some leading lights at that time in educational circles, soon afterwards becoming a committee member of ILEI (the International League of Esperantist Teachers).


His only other – indirect – use of NoJEF occurred much later, in 2003: he accompanied three of his school pupils to the World Esperanto Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden. These boys did receive grants from NoJEF and, having really enjoyed the event, they wrote some very positive reports.


Outside of NoJEF role, Malcolm is involved with further Esperanto work. He has been a tutor for EAB's correspondence and residential courses for many years and is the leader of its residential course for beginners Course-You-Can.


HilaryHilary Chapman

Hilary Chapman has served as a magistrate for many years and is an elected member of Conwy Town Council, north Wales. He currently works in the field of quality for the awarding body Agored Cymru.


Hilary learned Esperanto when he was a teenager, and was a very early beneficiary of NoJEF, receiving a travel grant in 1968.


He has used Esperanto during work-related travels for many years and has a lively interest in the history of the world-wide community of Esperanto-speakers.


MikeoMichael Seaton

The teenage Mikeo first came across Esperanto as a language he could learn for free, thanks to EAB’s Free Postal Course, and one that helped him to learn German at school. After a few years of practice, he finally ‘gatecrashed’ the British Congress of Esperanto in Chester.


After he started his studies at UMIST, trying not to become a professional layabout(!), he went on to (legitimately) go to several British Congresses and courses at Wedgwood Memorial College in Barlaston, becoming Treasurer of Junularo Esperantista Brita in the process and occasionally bringing his viola. At the same time he decided to do a doctorate in chemical engineering at The University of Manchester, he agreed to produce a mini-catalogue of the Butler Library for EAB and its Honorary Librarian to find out how many books it had: five years later he completed both tasks at the same time.


Before he turned 26, Mikeo asked NoJEF for a grant to fund his visit to the Scottish Congress in Largs: the memory of a bike ride around the Isle of Cumbrae and its effects on his walking style still linger! After becoming Dr Mikeo, he went to an International Youth Congress – drinking many Czech beers – and, more sensibly, became an EAB Trustee with responsibility for the Butler Library. He currently works as a scientific computer programmer at Daresbury Laboratory.