Legi En Esperanto

Research Grants

NoJEF is able to issue grants for Esperanto-related research. Our guidelines are set out below. If you meet the criteria and would like to submit a proposal for funding, send an email to the Secretary with an outline of your proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Criteria for researach grants


- Applicants must be British or at a British institution.

- Non-Esperantists are welcome to request funding.

- There is no age limit in place.

- We must receive a detailed proposal as part of the request for a grant, including details of any costs that might be incurred.

- The Secretary will turn to the Trustees for advice prior to issuing grants for research.

- The maximum grant would be £1000 for a PhD thesis.

- The Secretary may request a top-up of a grant, for example, during subsequent years of a recipient’s PhD.

- The more weight of Esperanto in the proposal, the higher the award; a thesis on Esperanto will be appraised more favourably than a single chapter, for example.

- Research at different levels is applicable for funding, but common sense should be the order of the day, with an undergraduate dissertation not likely to be judged as favourably as a PhD proposal.

- If the research is in the public domain, then a higher grant will be issued than otherwise would be the case.

- The recipient must agree to make a copy of the research available (in English or Esperanto) for the Butler Library.

- Awards cannot be made retroactively.