Legi En Esperanto

Travel Grants

NoJEF's primary activity is to facilitate the attendance at Esperanto events of young Brits by issuing grants to cover the costs of travel, entrance fee and accommodation.

Who can request a grant?

The charity was formed in 1967 by Alderman Dean specifically to provide financial help to young British Esperantists, and so the charity provides grants to young people aged under 25 who are British or who live in the United Kingdom.

What should you do before?

To request a grant you should write in Esperanto to the secretary, Tim Owen ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). If you're new to NoJEF then you'll need to write a few lines to introduce yourself and name somebody who could give confirmation that you have made an effort to learn Esperanto and that you're of good character.

Requests should include details about the likely costs and so explain how much money would be needed to cover the costs.

What should you do after?

The charity issues grants on the condition that the recipient promise to present a report, written in Esperanto, about the event to the secretary. If the report is delivered in reasonable time and at a respectable length bearing in mind the size of the grant and duration of the event, the recipient will be free to request further grants for additional events.