‘I lent a bikini to neighbour’s daughter now I have awkward issue getting it back’

Lending things to people we live next to is neighbourly – it’s definitely a blessing in disguise if you have a good relationship with those next door to you.

But what would you do if your neighbour borrowed something from you, but didn’t give it back?

One woman took to Mumsnet wondering what to do after she lent her neighbour’s child her daughter’s bikini – but the garment hadn’t been returned, and they were going on holiday soon.

She wrote: “Last weekend we got the big pool out in our joint section of the garden and filled it for the kids who use it.

” Our neighbours’ daughter who is two years older than my daughter asked me if she could borrow a swimming costume.

“She’s quite a bit bigger and taller than my daughter so my only option was to lend her a new bikini I’d bought for holiday, which my daughter has only worn once and is from a decent shop. I just assumed hers was in the wash or something.

“It’s now a week later and neighbours’ child is still in my daughter’s bikini today in the pool. I feel awkward asking for it back but angry really as I shouldn’t be the one feeling awkward.

“It’s a light colour and I feel like it’s now gone from being new to my daughter going on holiday with a ‘used’ bikini, which may well be stretched too.

“Should I just write it off as a lesson learned or shall I ask for it back?”

Mumsnetters were quick to rush to the woman’s defence and said it made sense to ask for the bikini back as it belongs to her daughter.

One wrote: “Ask for it back of course! Casually say you’re washing all the swimming stuff so can you please have the bikini too.”

“I agree, you should definitely ask for it back, even if your daughter doesn’t want to wear it anymore, as it’s the principle for me. However, also learn a lesson from it, never lend anything that’s new/almost new, as it will always feel secondhand afterwards”, another suggested.

Someone bluntly wrote: “Just knock on and ask for it back!”

One said: “Never lend anything that you don’t want to lose. That includes money and bikinis.”